National Livestock Breeding Center
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Breeding of livestock animals and improvement of animal husbandry


Production and supply of breeding stock

Improving Japan's staple species of animals, we produce and supply superb breeding stocks, semen and fertilized eggs.

The main targets of improvement

Dairy cattle: Increasing quantity for milk production, improvement of body structure, enhancement of life-long productivity.
Beef cattle: Improvement of meat quality and quantity,conservation of genetic diversity.
Swine: Improvement of intramuscular fat, daily gain , rib-eyeared and reproductive performance.
Poultry: Improvement of egg shell strength, deleting meat spot and decreasing fat volume inside abdomen.
A monozygotic twin derivedの画像
A monozygotic twin derived
A live ovum vacuum technology.の画像
A live ovum vacuum technology.
Sonogram of ovaryの画像
Sonogram of ovary
Egg shell strength measurementの画像
Egg shell strength measurement
Production of SPF swine by laparotomyの画像
Production of SPF swine by laparotomy

Promotion of posterity examination

Arranging cooperative relationship among parties concerned, we promote "posterity examination" in order to select dairy and beef sire which can be used all over Japan.
As for cattle, artificial insemination technology being prevailed, lots of semen, taken from excellent sire, are in use. That is why it is important to select excellent sire by judging their ability properly. While the potential productivity of milk or meat, which sire have in their gene, can not be directly estimated, we have to judge after the ability of the prosterity (children) are proven in a number of examples.

Evaluation of genetic ability

NLBC offers evaluation information of dairy and beef cattle and swine, which is standardized nationwide, so that producers can improve animals by themselves, and the information can also be used for "progeny test".
As for dairy cattle, we compare Japanese dairy sire with sire in leading dairy farming countries, taking part in the INTERBULL program.

*Genetic ability evaluation

Achievements of milk or meat production of animals are affected not only by genetic elements but environmental elements such as animal husbandry technique and climate condition. Therefore, the genetic ability is estimated after eliminating environmental elements by processing statistically massive data of animal ability, blood and husbandry
Report book of dairy cattle ability evaluationの画像
Report book of dairy cattle ability evaluation
Genetic ability evaluation is waged here.の画像
Genetic ability evaluation is waged here.

Inspection of breeding male stock under the "Domestic Animal Improvement Law".

As for bull, boar and stallion, a small number of male animals are used in a form of semen for artificial insemination all over Japan. Therefore, if male animals have a disease, the disease would rapidly spread throughout the nation. NLBC carries out the inspection, under the "Domestic Animal Improvement Law", to certify that bulls, boars and stallions, used for multiplication throughout Japan, are free from infectious and genetic diseases.

Conservation of the genetic resources of livestock.

As a part of the gene-bank service for agricultural life resources, a variety of genetic resources of livestock are conserved in a form of living animals, semen and embryos.

Improvement of husbandry technology

NLBC improves techniques for livestock husbandry, production and utilization of forage crops, and pasturage, as well as demonstrating and exhibiting them.
Pasturage on unutilized landsの画像
Pasturage on unutilized lands
A roll-bailer with fine-cut functionの画像
A roll-bailer with fine-cut function
Hay pincherの画像
Hay pincher
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