National Livestock Breeding Center
Incorporated Administrative Agency


For the development of the livestock industry and a healthy diet in Japan


Japan's livestock industry has seen an outstanding development, corresponding to expanding consumption of livestock products such as meat, milk, dairy food; however, if you take a look at the recent situation which surrounds the industry, there are issues to be solved as follows;
  • Reduction of production cost and enhancing quality of livestock products are required in order to cope with progressing internationalization at WTO and EPA negotiation.
  • Cost reduction and managerial enforcement of producers, by means of improvement of animal ability and production control, is necessary in order to strengthen production base while self-sufficiency rate of livestock products is in tendency to decline.
  • It is important to expand domestic production of forage crop to reduce production cost, utilizing farm land effectively and establishing resource circulation model for agriculture.
  • An outbreak of BSE and an emergence of GMO awakens concerns about food security among the people.
  • It is necessary to maintain domestic systems to improve and supply animal breeds, without relying excessively upon overseas animal resources, in case an import of the resources is prohibited when animal infectious diseases such as highly pathogenic avian influenza arise in foreign countries.
In order to correspond to the various agendas, NLBC, as an implementation agency of government policy, wages those services shown below.
  • Boosting improvement of animal breeds, which is a basis to reduce production cost and improve quality of livestock products in order to strengthen international competitiveness.
  • Making practical use of newly developed technologies in the result of enhancement and high efficiency for breeding method.
  • Expanding domestic forage crop production through producing and supplying excellent seeds of forage.
  • Maintaining quality of cattle breeding stock and forage crop seeds through secure arrangement of inspection.
  • Maintaining reliability on food security, offering cattle ID information service, and rigid inspection of GMO.

We are to contribute to Japan's people, recognizing our mission to develop livestock industry and healthy diet.


1876~ Founded as a national agency, with imperial stock farms, horse breeding stations and military horse nursery and provision stations nationwide.
1946 Reformed to breeding stations of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, abolishing horse breeding stations and other form of stations.
1948 Started services to produce forage crop seeds, in addition to livestock improvement and production.
1967 Started services to issue certificates under OECD scheme.
1990 17 breeding stations were integrated into National Livestock Breeding Center of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, with Head Office and 11 stations.
2001 Reorganized to an incorporated national agency.
2003 Started cattle ID information service under national law.



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