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The Development and Implementation of Animal Evaluation System


Genetic evaluation is an important tool for genetic improvement of livestock animals. The National Livestock Breeding Center (NLBC) develops genetic evaluation systems and implements routine evaluations for livestock animals such as dairy cattle, beef cattle, and pigs. The effects of various non-genetic factors are corrected and pedigree information is considered in the evaluation system using a large amount of field data from all over Japan. The evaluation results are officially announced to public.

Dairy cattle genetic evaluations in Japan

Dairy cattle evaluation is implemented using milking records through the Dairy Herd Improvement Program (the secretariat: Livestock Improvement Association of Japan Inc.), and using pedigree and type classification records by the Holstein Cattle Association of Japan Inc. (HCAJ). The results of the evaluation for domestic bulls (progeny-tested sires) are officially published in this English website. Based on the results of the evaluations, it has been carried out to a comprehensive genetic improvement taking account of production, durability, health, and fertility components.
NLBC has participated in the Interbull international evaluation services since 2003, which estimates international evaluation values using genetic correlation among the participating countries. It has become possible to compare the genetic abilities of Japanese bulls and other countries' bulls according to the evaluation results. The results of the evaluation for foreign bulls are officially published in this English website.
Genomic evaluation has been introduced to Dairy cattle evaluation since 2013, and the genomic evaluation was firstly implemented for heifers without a record. Genomic evaluation for progeny-tested sires and young bulls has been implemented since Feb. 2017,and the results of progeny-tested sires and young bulls have been published in this English website.
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