National Livestock Breeding Center
Incorporated Administrative Agency

With a long history of more than a century, wwe are now aiming at future.
National Livestock Breeding Center(NLBC), marking its first footstep in 1872, has been at work for more than a century, waging a lot of changes.

Started as a horse stock farm, NLBC was reconstructed as a breeding stock farm after WW2, and has been focusing on improving and breeding dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine and poultry to meet wider variety of food demand.

Recently, NLBC has, under a close cooperation between the head office and 11 stations, played a roll as an agency to contribute to the living in Japan, boosting improvement of breeds of animals, producing and supplying seeds of forage crop, developing new technologies, bringing them into practical use and spreading them nationwide, and managing cattle individual identification information service.

Each footstep of NLBC, made year by year, indicates Japan's history of livestock industry, and its roll will be succeeded toward the future.

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