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Production, Supply and Inspection of Forage Crops Seed


Production and Supply of Forage Crops Seed

For newly developed varieties of forage species, a small quantity of stock seeds need to be multiplied over several generations. Seed production activities at NLBC's Stations have made a contribution to promotion of the superior varieties (in some significant traits; e.g. yields, nutritive value, disease resistance, lodging resistance) developed by public research institutes.

Inspection and Seed Testing under International Framework

To assure the varietal identity and purity of seed, any adverse factors (e.g. contamination arising from pollen, off-type plant, volunteer plant) must be removed throughout seed production process. NLBC has been eligible, since 1973, to make an inspection for these factors according to OECD Seed Schemes that provide the requirements for seed varietal certification. For seed quality aspects, NLBC has been the ISTA Accredited Laboratory, since 2003, which is competent in seed sampling and testing.

Market Control of Forage Crops Seed under the"Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act"

NLBC is one of agencies eligible for monitoring of domestic seed market in accordance with the Act. Commercial seed packages are inspected for those integrity and trueness of labeling under the direction of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF).

Genetic Resource Conservation for Forage Crops

NLBC acts for a part of Genebank program to preserve broad range of genetic resources.

Field Trial of Newly Developing Varieties

New candidate material developed by public research institutes undergoes the field trial at NLBC's Stations for evaluation of those performances.
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